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Did Shoghi Effendi die a natural death or was he murdered? – Part 2

Mason Remey's opinion on the death of Shoghi Effendi To summarize the event and prove the truth, I would just quote the testimony of one of the observers - Mason Remey - who was present there. "Shoghi Effendi ascended in a strange situation and under surprising circumstances. For this reason, Ruhiyyih Khanum refused to disclose the facts of his death, and did not want the believers to know those terrible facts of that event. Trying to avoid the awareness of the Baha’i world community from the actual description of the death of Shoghi, she prepared an article with contribution of John Ferraby in London, which was full of fabricated and false subjects. The article was published and distributed in a limited copy; and perhaps the Iranian Friends were not fully aware of its contents. Thus, the true account of the holy ascension is as follows: Shoghi Effendi used to sleep alone in his room. He had slept alone that night and the bedroom was locked from the inside.